Thursday, August 21, 2008

Subterranean Termites - Contracts & Guarantee

Choosing a termite control provider in my mind should be based upon three things; Guarantee, Guarantee, and Guarantee. Now many of you will say there are other factors and yes I will agree that you are correct, but the contract and the guarantee it provides should be the most important since most termite control companies all roughly use the same products.

Below are my recommendations when having your home treated.

1. Contact at least 3 termite control companies. Ensure there is no cost for the estimate.

2. Ensure that each company not only provides you with a copy of their contract but a graphical inspection of your home which shows their findings. If a company will not provide you with a copy of their contract thank them and never call them back.

3. Ensure that the contract is a "lifetime Guarantee that covers re-treatment and repair". Many companies have termed contracts that expire in 5, 7, or 10 years. Termed contracts will require that you pay again to re-treat your home. These are often called booster treatments and is a way to show a lower initial treatment than a competitor that has a lifetime guarantee.

4. Ensure that the contract does not have any deductibles, co-pays, limitations and that the contract covers the structure as well as the contents of your home. Remember you are in charge!

5. Price is often a factor but the better the guarantee will often affect the price. When it comes to termite control guarantees you often get what you pay for! Do not fall into the trap of comparing prices, most of these companies use the same products. Bottom line, compare the guarantee not the price.

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